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This book is a visionof French defaultin memory to theFrench soldiers killed on overseas operations and the lack of patriotismof French citizens in contrast to U.S.citizens.
Co-author of an essay, Malaise in Gendarmerie inPUF in 2005, with Jean-Yves Fontaine, sociologistand former Gendarmerie officer,essayist Florence Samson, again in his book "RestIn Peace!"We rememberthe sacrifice of militarydeaths in OPEXsince 1963. His goal deserves the homage thatthese men who have chosen service of France andPeace around the world risking their lives. Sheknows what it means such acommitment has itself experiencedthe loss of friends in overseasoperations and has experienced thislife as the wife of a soldier.The Army also ispart of his family history. Thesesoldiers died for France, their families have lost a husband, father, achild ... for them also Franceowes them a tribute worthy of the name in thesame way as our elders. This is not only to theArmy of any effort to heal the wounds, but to the entire nation to recognize the commitment of its soldiers and the suffering oftheir families. Currently, there is the net number of initiatives to support troops in Afghanistan, but also more generally for those in OPEX.However, these initiatives come fromthe world's military, spouses, former ... OmriEzrati, itself, a reserve officerwishes by supporting and publishing this book, participate in this tribute in memory of his brothers in arms
Florence Samson, essayist, is a woman involved in many associations, includingWomen 3000 where shewas elected to the Board and isthe national representative of the Commission "Law and Policy." She signed the tenth book

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